suggestions for loving where you live

Rake a neighbor’s leaves

Eat lunch with someone new at school or someone who is sitting alone

Pick up trash at a park or in your neighborhood

Send a note of appreciation to someone special in your life

Pay the toll or parking fee for the car behind you. Leave a message or one of the cards for the cashier to give to the people in that car.

Start or join a Facebook group

See someone’s parking meter about to expire? Add some coins

Bring a snack tray to work to share with your co-workers

Leave the biggest tip you can afford

Rainy day? Offer to be an umbrella escort at a local grocery store parking lot

Live near a college campus? Get permission to give away pizza in the main lobby of one of the dorms. You can also give away baked goods, popcorn, Pop-Tarts®, mints, candy, or anything else college students love

Bake and take cookies to your neighbor

Cheer on your local sports teams

Give away potted plants or tulip bulbs to your neighbors

Invite neighbors to a sports event

Find the local bike trail and give away bottles of water to the walkers and bikers.

Give out coins at the local Laundromat

Make homemade dog treats and give them away door-to-door.

Show your appreciation to a teacher

Purchasing meals for people sitting at the food court at the mall

Brew a couple large thermoses of coffee, grab some cups, cream, and sugar, and go door to door giving away coffee

Take out a neighbor’s trash

Make someone a cup of tea or coffee

Give a hug to someone

Ask “How may I help you?”

Listen to someone carefully and without interrupting

Say “I’m sorry.”

Buy a box of cookies and offer them around to strangers

Help with a household chore

Make a neighbor a meal

Offer up your seat on a bus

Invite someone to play or movie or game

Share your homegrown vegetables

Give a new mom her own gift

Buy a stranger lunch

Let someone go first through a door

Hold a door open for someone

Write Post-It notes with encouraging messages and leave them in library books.

Write a thank you note

Leave some change at the coffee machine

Let people through in traffic

Hold up your hand in thanks when other drivers let you through

Let someone go ahead at the checkout

Share a good recipe

Visit a nursing home

Serve veterans in your area

Serve on a community board

Leave a collection of change at your local library and instruct the librarian to use it for anyone who has overdue fines

Donate to a food pantry

Take treats to Fire and Police Departments

Prayer walk in your neighborhood

Mow a neighbor’s lawn

Pick up litter

Welcome new neighbors

Throw a block party

Share garden produce

Appreciate your mail carrier

Invite friends for ice cream

Support fostering or adoptive parents

Movie and popcorn night 

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  There is no commandment greater than these.”  Mark 12:30-31